Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Web Resources

Web resources include Web-based applications or services that are accessed using HTTP or HTTPS. Examples include Microsoft Outlook Web Access and other Web-based email programs, Web portals, corporate intranets, and standard Web servers.

Web traffic is proxied through the Web proxy service, a secure gateway through which users can access private Web resources from the Internet. When you define a Web resource as a destination in an access control rule, make sure that Web browser is among the client software agents available for the rule. For more information, see Resolving Invalid Destination Resources.

A Web resource can be defined in various ways, as shown in the below table.

Web resource example definitions
URL TypeExample
Standard URL
Standard URL with port number
URL for secure site
URL containing IP addresshttp://
Matching URL

Use wildcards to refer to a group of Web resources:


Due to client operating system limitations, Mobile Connect cannot convert host name, URL, or domain type resources containing wildcards to an IP address and, therefore, cannot redirect them to the appliance.

URL with path and query string matching

Block email attachments, or prevent a Web-based application from displaying restricted data by matching a path element or query string value to a particular URL:

Some Web-based applications use Java applets or other browser extensions using protocols other than HTTP. Although these applications are accessed using a Web browser, they must be defined as client/server (not Web resources), and they must be accessed using either a network tunnel client or client/server proxy agent. Examples of such applications include Oracle J-Initiator, and certain versions of SAP and PeopleSoft.

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