Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Viewing License Details

In AMC, you can view the status of your base appliance license and the licenses for any other appliance components you may have purchased, such as OnDemand or Spike License. This section describes how to view details about the status of your licenses.

To view license details

  1. In the AMC, navigate to System Configuration > General Settings.

  2. Click the Edit link in the Licensing section.

    The Manage Licenses page displays.

  3. Review the information provided, as shown in the below table:

    License information
    License informationDescription
    ProductThe type of SMA appliance to which the license applies.
    License holderThe name of the entity to whom the appliance is licensed.
    Maximum concurrent users

    The maximum number of concurrent user sessions allowed by the base appliance license. A concurrent user is a single login from a single IP address. Users are not counted once they log off, or when their credentials expire.

    If a Spike License is in effect, you’ll see the total number of allowed users, the number of days remaining for the license, and at what time the next day begins. For example:

    Spike license: 100 users, 60 days Active: Currently on day 2 of 60. Day 3 will begin at 10:15 PM on 9/23/09.

    You can pause the Spike License as needed; see Managing a Spike License for more information.

    Appliance serial numberThe serial number derived from the license file imported onto the appliance. This number is displayed at the bottom of the main navigation menu in AMC; contact Technical Support based on your requirements.
    Authentication codeThis is the appliance hardware identifier. The license you obtain from will be valid only for the appliance with this authentication code. See Managing Licenses for information on obtaining your license file.
    Component and license typeDetails about any individual software component licenses. If the license is a temporary or evaluation license, the expiration date is displayed. If a license expiration date is approaching, or if a license has expired, a warning message is displayed in this area and in the AMC status area.

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