Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Using Variables in Resource and WorkPlace Shortcut Definitions

Using variables, you can define a single resource or WorkPlace shortcut that derives its value from a property that is unique for each user. Variables can be defined by a property associated with the session a user has started (the user name, for example, or the name of the zone to which he or she has been assigned), or by querying an external LDAP store for a specific set of attributes, such as a group or computer name.

Variables can be used for all resource types except IP range and Subnet. If a variable resolves to nothing, any configuration item using it will be undefined. For example, you might query an LDAP store for a user’s IMEI number (the built-in ID number on a mobile device). In the case of a user who does not have an IMEI number, the variable would not resolve to anything during that user session. A WorkPlace shortcut that uses the variable would not be displayed, for example, and a policy rule that uses it will also fail.

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