Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Setting Log Levels

You can specify how much detail is written to the message logs for each service. Increasing the message log detail requires more disk space and has a greater impact on system performance.

To set the logging level

  1. In the AMC, navigate to Monitoring > Logging.

    The View Logs page displays.

  2. Click the Configure Logging tab.

  3. Select the appropriate level of message detail for the services on the appliance, which are listed in order of increasing detail. The highest detail log levels (Verbose and Debug) are valuable for troubleshooting purposes, but they require more disk space and can have a significant performance impact: they should not be used in normal operation.
  4. You can also configure the appliance to send system logs to one or more syslog servers. Type the IP addresses and port numbers for the syslog servers in the Syslog configuration area. Port 514 is the standard syslog-ng port, but you can use another port as needed to match your server configuration. Regardless of whether you configure syslog, all system events are logged locally.
  5. Click Save or click Cancelto discard any changes you’ve made.

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