Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Network Tunnel Audit Log

The network proxy/tunnel audit log provides detailed information about connection activity for users who are accessing resources using Connect Tunnel or OnDemand Tunnel, including a list of users and the amount of data transferred.

To view the Network Tunnel Audit log

  1. In the AMC, navigate to Monitoring > Logging.

    The View Logs page displays.

  2. Select Network tunnel audit log from the Log file drop-down menu.

The View Logs page displays the information shown in the below table about the network proxy/tunnel audit log file.

Network proxy/tunnel audit log information

Displays color-coded connection status for each connection request:

  • Red: Error

  • Orange: Information

  • Green: Success

When you move the pointer over a connection status code for a specific log message, AMC displays explanatory text below the message.

TimeDate and time of the connection.
SourceIndicates which service generated the message: Network proxy, Network Tunnel, Web proxy, or Policy server.
Source IPThe IP address and port number of the computer using the network proxy or tunnel service.
Destination IPIndicates the IP address and port number of the resource being accessed.

Shows three sets of values:

  • The number of bytes sent

  • The number of bytes received

  • The connection duration (in seconds)

UsernameThe user who requested the resource. You can search for all log messages for a specific user by clicking a username link.

For information on manually reviewing log files from the command-line interface on the appliance, see Network Tunnel Audit Log.

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