Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Management Audit Log

The Management audit log provides an audit history of configuration changes made in AMC by administrators, showing when changes were made and by which administrator. Configuration changes are either active or pending:

  • Active configuration: Configuration items that precede the log message Applied configuration changes are ones that have been applied and are currently active.
  • Pending changes: As changes are made, they are saved to disk but not immediately applied. In the Management audit log, these pending changes follow the Applied configuration changes message and can be discarded. See Discarding Pending Configuration Changes to find out how to do so.

To view the Management Audit log

  1. In the AMC, navigate to Monitoring > Logging.

    The View Logs page displays.

  2. Select Management audit log from the Log file drop-down menu.

The View Logs page displays the information shown in the below table about the Management audit log.

Management audit log information
LevelLog message detail level: Fatal, Error, Warning, or Info.
TimeDate and time of the AMC configuration change.
UsernameShows the name of the administrator as it is configured on the Manage AdministratorAccounts page.
MessageShows configuration changes made in AMC.

For information on manually reviewing log files from the command-line interface on the appliance, see Management Console Audit Log.

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