Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Invalid Resource Examples

AMC will not permit you to save a rule that contains a method/resource conflict: if you click Save, AMC removes the invalid resource from the rule. If the rule contains only one mismatched resource, it is replaced with Any. Examples of method/resource conflict are:

  • If a rule specifies Web browser as the only available access method, it cannot refer to a Windows domain resource. (A Windows domain resource is one that has Domain as its type, and for which the Windows domain checkbox is selected).
  • A rule that specifies a Matching URL resource requires Web browser as an access method; if the allowed access methods for a rule don’t include Web browser, the Invalid resource warning appears.

To resolve a destination resource error, modify the rule so that the type of access method is compatible with the destination resource. The simplest way to avoid an access method/destination resource conflict is to remove any Access method restrictions on the Advanced tab of the Add/Edit Access Rule page by leaving both Client software agents and Protocols set to Any.

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