Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

File Share Resources

When users log in to WorkPlace, they have access to file system resources that you set up. These can include computers containing shared folders and files and Windows network servers.

You can define a specific file system share by typing a UNC path, or you can define an entire Windows domain:

  • A specific file system resource can be an entire server (for example,\\ginkgo), a shared folder (\\john\public), or a network folder (\\ginkgo\news).
  • Defining an entire Windows domain gives authorized users access to all the network file resources within the domain. These resources are the same ones you would see if you were to browse the network using Windows Explorer (My Network Places > Entire Network > Microsoft Windows Network).

You can use resource variables to dynamically reference multiple folders on the network. For example, to give each user access to a personal folder, create a resource using a variable for the user name, and then use that variable when you create a shortcut on WorkPlace. See the example in Using Session Property Variables for more information.

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