Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Configuring SMA Support for Microsoft Outlook Anywhere

SMA supports Microsoft Outlook Anywhere for Windows Outlook Clients. Outlook Anywhere is basically an Outlook client that connects to the Microsoft Exchange server using one of these protocols:

  • Remote Procedure Call (RPC) over HTTP

  • MAPI over HTTP

Microsoft Outlook Anywhere allows end users with Microsoft Office Outlook to connect to their Exchange servers over the Internet from outside the corporate network.

To configure SMA Support for Outlook Anywhere

  1. In the AMC, navigate to Security Administration > Resources.

  2. Click on the resource you want to edit. The Edit Resource page displays.

  3. Click on Web Proxy Options panel to expand it.

  4. In Web application profile drop-down menu, select OWA/Single Sign-on.

  5. Click on the Exchange Server options panel to open it.

  6. Select the checkbox for Enable Exchange ActiveSync and Outlook Anywhere access to this resource.

  7. In the Exchange server FQDN field, enter the external FQDN URL of the user’s Exchange server.

    This should be the same value that is configured as the external FQDN URL for Outlook Anywhere services (RPC/HTTP and MAPI/HTTP protocols and EWS service) at the Exchange server.

  8. In the Realm drop-down menu, select the Realm that you want.

  9. In the Exchange Autodiscover FQDN, enter the FQDN of the Exchange Autodiscover service, for example:

    The Autodiscover FQDN is used by the Outlook client to determine the Autodiscover service which enables Outlook to configure the Outlook options by just accepting the user’s Email address. For example, the email address,, would have an Autodiscover FQDN of

    The name must be configured in a public DNS server with the public IP address of the appliance.

  10. Leave the Fallback Exchange server URL field blank for Outlook Anywhere.

    For Outlook Anywhere using RPC over HTTP, only basic authentication is supported. So, the backend exchange server should be configured to support basic authentication for Outlook Anywhere - ExternalClientAuthenticationMethod. For MAPI over HTTP, any authentication method can be configured.

    For requests coming from the Outlook client, zone classification is done without any attributes, and the user is classified into whichever zone it matches.

    The Autodiscover FDQN is also displayed on the System Configuration > Network Settings page.

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