Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Access Methods and Advanced Options

When you restrict your access methods, the advanced options are enabled or disabled based on which ones remain selected (if you select Any as the access method, all the advanced options are available). When AMC validates the rule it prevents you from selecting rule attributes that are not relevant to the access methods. The below table shows the advanced options that apply to each access method.

Access method advanced options
Access methodApplicable advanced options
Web browser (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • User’s network address

  • Time and date restrictions

Network Explorer (Web access to file system resources)
  • User’s network address

  • Read/write permissions

  • Time and date restrictions

Connect Tunnel and/or OnDemand (TCP/IP)
  • Protocols

  • User’s network address

  • Destination restrictions (ports)

  • Time and date restrictions

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