Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Software Licenses

This section describes how to manage software licenses for appliance components. The SMA appliance uses different types of licenses:

  • Administration test license: When you receive your SMA appliance, you must log in to MySonicWall to retrieve your initial user license, which is valid for one user (the administrator plus one end user) for an unlimited number of days. This allows you to become familiar with the AMC, which you will use to upload an appliance license file for additional users or other components.
  • Appliance licenses: This license is used to monitor and enforce concurrent user counts. If you exceed your concurrent active user limit, user access is restricted until the active user count drops below the licensed user limit.

    Concurrent user support by SMA appliances is shown in the below table:

    Concurrent user support by SMA appliance
    SMA applianceSupports concurrent users up to

    If user access is restricted, users attempting to log in to your VPN see an error message indicating that the license count may have been exceeded, and they are denied access to your network.

  • Component licenses: If the license for an appliance component has expired, users attempting to use that component see an error message in WorkPlace. In the case of a Spike License, the number of days remaining on it and how many users are covered by it are displayed in AMC.
  • Pooled licenses: The pooled licensing model allows central user licenses to be shared among the managed appliances so that central user licensing is resilient to the failure of (or communication loss with) the CMS or any one appliance. For more information, see “Central User Licensing” in the SMA 12.4.1 CMS Administration Guide.

All appliance license files must be retrieved from and imported to the appliance, as described in Managing Licenses.

Central Management Server (CMS) licenses should not be manually imported. For proper operation, the CMS must retrieve its license from MySonicWall when you register your CMS. For more information, refer to the SMA 12.4.1 CMS Administration Guide.

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