Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Requirements for FIPS

These items are required to properly configure FIPS for full compliance:

  • An SMA 7200, 7210,6200, 6210, and 8200v appliance. No other appliances are FIPS-certified.

    If you have purchased an SMA 7200, 7210,6200, 6210, and 8200v appliance with 140-2 Level 2 FIPS certification, the tamper-evident sticker affixed to it must remain in place.

  • A license to run FIPS

  • A secure connection to your authentication server

  • A strong administrator password, which should be at least 14 characters long and contain punctuation characters, numbers, and a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. In addition, you must specify an authentication server when you set up a realm; null auth is not allowed.

  • When in FIPS mode, the Grub shell MUST be disabled in order to prevent a user from gaining unauthorized access to its shell.

    Modification of any Grub configuration files IS NOT allowed. Modification makes the device Non-FIPS compliant and causes the device to become inoperable.

These states prevent FIPS from being activated, or from reaching full compliance:

  • Unsecured connections with authentication servers

  • Use of RADIUS authentication servers

  • Use of LDAP authentication servers without using SSL connections employing only FIPS approved ciphers

  • Use of Active Directory single domain authentication servers without using SSL connections employing only FIPS approved ciphers

  • Use of RSA Authentication Manager authentication servers without strong passwords as shared secrets

  • Use of USB devices for any purpose

  • Loading or unloading of any kernel modules via the shell command line

  • Installation of third party software via the shell command line

  • Firmware upgrades via the shell command line

  • Use of Debug 1, Debug 2, Debug 3 or plaintext logging

  • Use of certificates with private/public key-pairs generated by a non-FIPS-compliant system

  • Use of the zeroization procedure without the primary administrator being physically present until the procedure completes; see Zeroization

FIPS mode is not automatically enabled after you import your license. You must set it up as described in Enabling FIPS.

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