Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Managing Licenses

This section describes how to obtain your appliance licenses from You must have a base appliance license file if, for example, you want to replace an evaluation license with a permanent license after deciding to purchase an appliance. There are also some components—such as Connect and Spike License—that require a separate purchase and license.

Central Management Server (CMS) licenses should not be manually imported. For proper operation, the CMS must retrieve its license from MySonicWall when you register your CMS. For more information, refer to the SMA 12.4.1 CMS Administration Guide.

Before you can enable your appliance or a component that requires a separate purchase and license, you must follow these steps:

  1. Create a MySonicWall account, if you don't already have one. You need an account to register your appliance. (MySonicWall registration information is not sold or shared with any other company.) See Creating a MySonicWall Account for more information.

  2. Register your device on MySonicWall. Registration provides access to essential resources, such as your license file, firmware updates, and technical support information. See Registering Your SMA Appliance for more information.

  3. Use your MySonicWall account to apply the license for your appliance. If you have a high-availability cluster, you must apply a separate license to each appliance. See Retrieving Your Secure Mobile Access License for more information.

  4. Apply your license file in AMC; see Applying Your SMA License for more information.

You should ensure that the appliance’s date and time settings are configured correctly for your time zone before importing a license file. For information about configuring the system clock settings, see Configuring Time Settings.

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