Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Managing Configuration Data

The configuration data for your appliance is stored in a single export archive (.aea) file that includes the types of configuration data shown in the Configuration Data types table.

Configuration Data types
Type of configuration dataDescription
Access policyRules, resources, users and groups, WorkPlace shortcuts, and EPC signatures and zones.
CertificatesCertificates, private keys, and certificate passwords.
WorkPlace customizationGeneral appearance settings, custom content, and custom templates.
Node-specific and network-specific settingsHost names, IP addresses, default route information, DNS settings, and cluster settings.

It’s a good practice to back up the configuration data on your appliance, especially if you are working on system changes and may need to revert to an earlier configuration. For example, if you plan to add new access control rules, first save your configuration, and then make your changes: you can then revert to the saved (working) configuration if the new rules don’t work as expected.

There are several options for saving and restoring configuration data:

Only configuration data that was generated by AMC is saved or exported. If you have made manual edits (by editing the SonicWall files on your appliance directly), these changes are not included. Manual changes are rare and usually done with the help of SonicWall Technical Support.

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