Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

End Point Control and OESIS

The OESIS framework is a cross-platform software development kit used within Secure Mobile Access to help secure and manage endpoints connected to the infrastructure. For Secure Mobile Access 12.4, the OESIS framework was upgraded to Version 4, which allows for faster execution of code, more frequent updates and the ability for out-of-the-band definition updates. Customers having versions 11.4.x and 12.0.x should update to 12.4 to get the full advantage of these benefits.

All newly created profiles will be OESIS V4 compliant, but if you upgraded from a prior version, it is recommended that you delete the existing profiles and recreate them so they will be V4 complaint as well. In OESIS V4, a new category, Anti-Malware Program, has been developed. It replaces the Anti-Virus Program and the Anti-Spyware Program since many products qualify in both categories these days.

The OESIS V3 libraries have already been declared out of support by OPSWAT.

  • If you have OPSWAT V3 attributes configured, upgrading to SMA 12.4 fails. To overcome this scenario, remove the OPSWAT V3 attributes and proceed the upgrade process.
  • Importing old configuration with OPSWAT V3 attributes/profiles would block applying “Pending Changes” until those are deleted.

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