Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Advanced EPC: Using Preconfigured Device Profiles

To help you get started with End Point Control, there are several preconfigured device profiles, grouped by operating system, that you can use as is or copy and modify to suit your access policy and resource requirements.

  1. In the AMC, navigate to User Access > End Point Control.

    The End Point Control page displays.

  2. In the Zones and Profiles section, click Edit next to Profiles.

    The Zones and Profiles page displays.

Preconfigured Device Profiles




You can use these predefined profiles as a starting point for your own:

  • Copy one that matches your environment the closest, and then modify it, changing (for example), the acceptable product versions and the requirement for how recently the list of antimalware signatures was updated on the client device.

  • To delete an entire row in the list of current attributes, select the checkbox for that row and click Delete.

  • To delete an item in an ORed list (like one of the personal firewall products Kaspersky Lab, for example), move your mouse cursor over the “or” and then click the red “X” that appears.

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