Secure Mobile Access 10.2 User Guide

Global Bookmark Single Sign-On Options

SSO settings are enabled only when the Administrator has configured user-controlled single sign-on (SSO).

To configure SSO bookmark options

  1. Click <user icon> at the upper-right corner of the Virtual Office homepage and click Settings.

  2. Under Single Sign-On Settings, select Use SSL VPN account credentials to log in to bookmarks to enable SSO for bookmarks. Leave the box cleared if you do not want to use SSO for bookmarks.

  3. Click Save to save your changes.

Fileshares are used to configure domain name of which the user is a member to supply to the backend server. HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, RDP supplies the username and password that were used to login. If the server is expecting a domain-prefixed username, SSO fails. In some cases, a default domain can be specified at the server to allow SSO to succeed.

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