Secure Mobile Access 10.2 User Guide

Editing Bookmarks

You can change the IP address, domain name, or IPv6 address as well as the service and other settings associated with an existing bookmark.

Only user-created Bookmarks can be edited or deleted by the user. Global or Group Bookmarks pre-defined by the Administrator cannot be edited or deleted.

To edit a bookmark to change its name or associated IP address

  1. Identify a bookmark in the Virtual Office Bookmarks list for which you want to change an IP address or domain name or other settings.
  2. In the Virtual Office Bookmarks list, click the Configure icon for an existing bookmark. The Edit Bookmark dialog box displays.
  3. To change the bookmark name, domain name or IP address of the bookmark, edit the names in the Bookmark Name or Name or IP Address fields.
  4. To change the service, select a new Service from the drop-down menu.
  5. Optionally change other settings specific to the Service type.
  6. Optionally enable or disable the Automatically log in setting, or change the credentials selection.
  7. Click ACCEPT. The Virtual Office home page displays with the new IP address or domain name.

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