Secure Mobile Access 10.2 User Guide

End Point Control (EPC)

If the administrator has enabled the EPC check for your user account, the SMA Connect Agent supports doing an EPC check from the browser. In the login page, when you enter your user credentials and click LOGIN, the browser launches the specific Scheme URL requesting the SMA Connect Agent to do the EPC check.

The SMA Connect Agent checks the EPC Service on the machine. If the EPC Service is not on the local machine or if there is a newer version on the Appliance, the SMA Connect Agent downloads/Installs or upgrades the EPC Service. After installing or upgrading, the SMA Connect Agent does the EPC check.

The EPC check is authenticated if the endpoint configuration matches the EPC device profile configuration, and you are denied or approved to access the Virtual Office according to the EPC device profile configuration set by your administrator. If the EPC check authentication fails, the EPC check failed dialog box appears.

  • If the administrator has enabled Show EPC failed message in detail at client side option, the SMA Connect Agent records the detailed fail message in the log. Then, you can view the tray Log.
  • You receive a custom message when the EPC check fails at the client side, if configured by the administrator.

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