Secure Mobile Access 10.2 User Guide

Organization of This Guide

The SonicWall Secure Mobile Access User Guide is structured as shown here:

  • About This Guide

    This section provides helpful information for using this guide. It includes conventions used in this guide, information on how to obtain additional product information, and a Quick Access Worksheet that you should complete before using the SMA appliance.

  • Virtual Office Overview

    This section provides an overview of SMA appliance user features, NetExtender, File Shares, services, sessions, bookmarks, and service tray menu options.

  • Using Secure Mobile Access Connect Agent

    This section provides procedures on downloading, installing, and configuring the SMA Connect Agent. It includes overviews of the End Point Control (EPC), Personal Device Authorization, and supported SonicWall applications.

  • Using Virtual Office Authentication

    This section provides details on how to use the authentication features of the SonicWall Secure Mobile Access (SMA) Virtual Office portal. It includes importing certificates, using Two-Factor authentication, and using One-Time Passwords.

  • Using NetExtender

    This section provides procedures on installing, configuring, and using NetExtender.

  • Using Mobile Connect

    This section describes compatibility and all prerequisites to using Mobile Connect with Apple iOS and Android Smartphone clients.

  • Using File Shares

    This section provides procedures on using file shares.

  • Warranty and License Agreements

    This section provides the Limited Hardware Warranty and End User Licensing Agreement, and SonicWall Support contact information.

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