SMA 10.2 Getting Started Guide for KVM

Using the 30-day Trial Version

The SMA 500v for KVM Virtual Appliance is offered in a 30-day Trial version. The installation, registration, and functionality of the 30-Day Trial appliance is the same as the full SMA 500v for KVM, except for differences noted below in Deployment Considerations. An email is sent from the SonicWall License Manager to warn you when your trial is near its expiration date.

To upgrade to the full version:

  • Purchase the full SMA 500v for KVM.
  • Export your settings from the 30-day Trial version.
  • Install and register the full SMA 500v for KVM.
  • Import your settings.

You must install the SMA 500v for KVM software before registering your 30-Day Trial. For more information on obtaining the software, see Downloading the Virtual Appliance Software.

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