SMA 10.2 Getting Started Guide for KVM

Installing SMA 500v for KVM on Proxmox (PVE)

To install SMA 500v for KVM on Proxmox

  1. Download the SMA 500v for KVM image file to any local folder.

  2. Using the Proxmox Create: Virtual Machine page, click the OS tab for an empty virtual machine. Select the Do not use any media option.

  3. After the virtual machine is created, check and remember the virtual machine ID. For example, this newly created vmID is 101.

  4. Go to the host console and run the qm importdisk <vmid> yourimage.qcow2 namestoragepool command. Change the vmid,yourimage.qcow2,namesstoragepool portion based on your environment.

  5. Verify the success message and locate the disk in the hardware dashboard.

    The Unused Disk 0 is the imported SMA 500v for KVM image.

  6. Double-click the Unused Disk 0 image. The Add: Unused Disk window displays.

  7. Click Add. The new Hard Disk (scsi1) appears. You can remove the original Hard Disk (scsi 0).

  8. Start the Virtual Machine and set up the IP data to get in to SMA.

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