SMA 10.2 Getting Started Guide for KVM

Installing SMA 500v for KVM on a Linux System using the Virtual Machine Manager

The following are the steps required to create a Linux From Scratch (LFS)-based virtual machine for SMA 500v for KVM using the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM).

To setup the QEMU/KVM environment

  1. Install or setup a KVM/QEMU environment on Ubuntu, see or for CentOS, see

  2. After the KVM/QEMU environment is installed, a network bridge is necessary for the virtual machine network to access.
  3. Run the Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager) from your terminal and select Create a new virtual machine.
  4. On the New VM dialog, select "Import existing disk image."

  5. Click Forward.

  6. In the Provide the existing storage path text window, browse to and select the image file path where your qcow2 file is located.

  7. Upload the qcow2 file by clicking Forward.
  8. In the fourth step, select Customize configuration before install for additional configuration settings such as CPU, memory, network, and so on.

  9. From Customize configuration before install, click to the Overview details. You can customize as necessary.

  10. Click Apply on each view when you are satisfied with your configuration.

  11. After you have selected all the necessary options, click Apply.
  12. Click Begin Installation to deploy the virtual machine.
  13. After finishing the installation, you can login as admin and setup the IP address to access the appliance management page.

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