SMA 10.2 Getting Started Guide for KVM

Connecting to the Command Line Interface

The Command Line Interface (CLI) is a text-only mechanism for interacting with the SMA 500v for KVM virtual appliance by typing commands to perform specific tasks. The CLI can be launched over SSH.

To connect to the SMA 500v for KVM over SSH

  1. Display the Overview page as described in Viewing the SMA 500v for KVM Settings.

  2. Locate the Public IP address.

  3. In an SSH application, type in the command using your SMA 500v for KVM private key to authenticate:

    ssh -i SMAPrivateKey.key admin@<SMA 500v for KVM Public IP>

    For example, ssh -i SMAPrivateKey.key admin@

    For management, log in using the admin account.

  4. If you see a warning, type yes to proceed with the login.

    Continue to Using the Command Line Interface.

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