SMA 10.2 Getting Started Guide for ESXi

Downloading the SMA 500v for ESXi Virtual Appliance Software

This section details the process for downloading the SMA 500v for ESXi software from MySonicWall. After purchasing SMA 500v for ESXi, you will receive an email with a serial number and Authentication Code. Log in to MySonicWall, go to My Downloads, and complete the steps that follow. If you do not have a MySonicWall account, you can easily create one. Refer to Creating a MySonicWall Account for more information.

To complete the download process

  1. Navigate to

  2. Enter your Username or Email and Password in the required fields, then click Login. The MySonicWall page displays the following screen:

  3. Click My Downloads in the left-pane menu under Resources & Support. The My Downloads page is displayed.
  4. From the button bar, narrow selections by choosing from Recent Releases, Select a Product, Language, Firmware or Documentation, and the Version you would like to download.
  5. Click the Select a Product drop-down list, go to SMA, and select SMA 500v for ESXi Virtual Appliance Base Firmware.
  6. In the Available Software list, click SMA 500v for ESXi Virtual Appliance Base Firmware.
  7. Save the SMA 500v for ESXi Virtual Appliance software image to your computer.

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