SMA 10.2 Getting Started Guide for ESXi

Setup Wizard

This option launches a simple wizard to change the basic network settings, starting with the X0 IP Address, X0 subnet mask, default gateway, primary and secondary DNS, and the hostname. The following CLI output illustrates an example where each field is changed:

If a field is not filled out, the prior value is retained, allowing you to change only a single field. After each field has been prompted, the new network settings are shown and a confirmation message is given for the user to review and verify the changes before applying them. The following shows the result when you save the changes:

After saving the changes, press Enter to return to the original display of the System Information and Network Settings. Verify that the changes have taken effect.

If no changes are saved, a message displays. Pressing Enter returns to the initial display of the System Information and Network settings.

When applying settings that change the IP address, there could be a delay of up to five seconds as the interface settings are updated.

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