SMA 10.2 Getting Started Guide for Azure


This Getting Started Guide contains installation procedures and configuration guidelines for deploying the SonicWall SMA 500v for Azure Virtual Appliance on a server in your network. The SMA 500v for Azure includes a software appliance, which has been preinstalled and preconfigured for your virtual environment, and allows for the secure and easy development of the SMA 500v for Azure Virtual Appliance solutions within that virtual environment.

SonicWall takes the challenge of the rapid pace of cloud transformation and extends the security of the private cloud to public clouds with the SonicWall Secure Mobile Access 100 series. The SMA 500v for Azure provides you with economy-of-scale benefits of virtualization. This provides all the security advantages of a physical Secure Mobile Access 100 appliance with the operational and economic benefits of virtualization, including system scalability and agility, speed of system provisioning, simple management, and cost reduction.

The SMA 500v for Azure provides the following benefits:

  • Scalability and Redundancy
    • Multiple virtual machines can be deployed as a single system, enabling specialization, scalability, and redundancy.
  • Operational Ease
    • You can virtualize your entire environment and deploy multiple machines within a single server or across multiple servers.
  • Product Versatility
    • SMA 500v for Azure is compatible with other SonicWall platforms either as a stand-alone (All-in-One) unit, control center, or as a remote analyzer.
  • Security
    • SMA 500v for Azure provides an optimized, non-tamperable software and hardware architecture.

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