SMA 10.2 Getting Started Guide for Azure

Licensing and Registering Your Appliance

This section contains information about licensing and registering yourSMA 500v for Azure Virtual Appliance.

You must purchase a license and register your SMA 500v for Azure before first use. Registration is performed using the management interface. After the registration is completed, the SMA 500v for Azure is licensed and ready to use. For the 30-Day Trial Virtual Appliance registration process, refer to Registering the 30-day Trial Virtual Appliance.

The SMA 500v for Azure shares the same SKU and license structure as the SMA 500v for Azure. After you have purchased an SMA 500v for Azure Virtual Appliance from MySonicWall, you can use the serial number and authorization code you get to register the SMA 500v for Azure or for SMA 500v for Azure. However, you cannot use the same serial number and authorization code to register both.

SMA 500v for Azure provides user-based licensing. By default, the virtual appliance comes with a 5-user license. Extra licenses can be added in 5, 10, and 25 user denominations, up to a maximum that allows for 50 concurrent user sessions.

Licensing is controlled by SonicWall’s license manager service, and customers can add licenses through their MySonicWall accounts. Unregistered units support the default license allotment for their model, but the unit must be registered in order to activate additional licensing from MySonicWall.

License status is displayed in the SMA 500v for Azure Virtual Appliance management interface, on the Licenses & Registration section of the System > Status page.

Communication with the SonicWall Licensing Manager is necessary while using the SMA 500v for Azure Virtual Appliance, and requires Internet access.

If a user attempts to log in to the Virtual Office portal and there are no more available user licenses, the login page displays the error, “No more User Licenses available. Please contact your administrator.” The same error is displayed when a user launches the NetExtender client when all user licenses are in use. These login attempts are logged with a similar message in the log entries, and displayed in the Log > View page. You can add user licenses if this occurs regularly. For occasional spikes in remote access needs, you can purchase a Spike License to temporarily increase the number of remote users your virtual appliance can support. See the SMA Administration Guide for more information.

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