SMA 10.2 Getting Started Guide for Azure

Using the Command Line Interface

The Command Line Interface (CLI) is a text-only mechanism for interacting with a computer operating system or software by typing commands to perform specific tasks. It is a critical part of the deployment of the SMA 500v for Azure Virtual Appliance, where basic networking needs to be configured from the console.

While the physical SMA 500v for Azure Virtual Appliance has a default IP address and network configuration that requires a client’s network settings to be reconfigured to connect, as the network settings in the VMware virtual environment might conflict with the SonicWall defaults. The CLI utility remedies this by allowing basic configuration of the network settings when deploying the SMA 500v for Azure Virtual Appliance.

After the SMA 500v for Azure Virtual Appliance firmware has fully booted, a login prompt is displayed.

To access the CLI, login as admin. The password is the same as the password for the “admin” account configured on the appliance. The default is password.

If an incorrect password is entered, the login prompt is displayed again. If the correct password is entered, the CLI is launched.

The User input used in the examples highlighted in red indicates text entered by the user, there is no coloring of text done on the actual CLI.

Basic system information and network settings are displayed along with the main menu.

The main menu has six selections:

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