SMA 10.2 Getting Started Guide for Azure

Connecting to the Web Interface

The SMA 500v for Azure virtual appliance is accessible at the public IP address automatically assigned by Azure using DHCP addressing.

To connect to the SMA 500v for Azure

  1. Navigate to the Overview page of your appliance as described in Viewing the Settings.
  2. Locate the Public IP address.
  3. In a browser, enter the public IP address using https. We use default port 443 to access the SMA 500v for Azure appliance.

    Generally, this is: https://<SMA 500v for Azure Public IP>/

  4. In the SMA 500v for Azure login screen, enter the default administrator credentials, admin / password, and then click LOGIN.

  5. The first time you login, you are forced to change the password. Type the old and new passwords into the provided fields and then click CHANGE PASSWORD.
  6. In the End User Product Agreement screen, read the agreement, click the I Accept the terms of this Software Transaction Agreement checkbox, and then click Continue.

    The Dashboard page displays. To register the SMA 500v for Azure and begin management and configuration, see Registering the SMA 500v for Azure.

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