SMA 10.2 Getting Started Guide for AWS

User Prerequisites

You must have a user account enabled in the Secure Mobile Access management interface. Only users enabled by the Administrator to use the One-Time Password feature can use the following procedure to log in. Your Administrator must enable the One-Time Password feature and select from the following authentication methods:

  • User Discretion – Enables the user to select any one or all of the one-time password authentication methods enabled by the administrator. The user-discretion options are: E-mail, Mobile App, and Short Message.
  • Use Email – Enables the user to use a code delivered in an email for one-time password authentication.
  • Use Mobile App – Enables the user to use a third-party mobile app code for one-time password authentication.

    The user must download a compliant two-factor authentication app, such as Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile.

  • Short Message – Enables the user to use an SMS code for one-time password authentication.

    In some countries, translation of mail to a Short Message Service (SMS) text is not supported; SMA must integrate with third-party SMS gateway providers such as Twilio, Nexmo, and Clickatell through their REST APIs to send outgoing SMA messages from one mobile number to others around the globe.

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