SMA 10.2 Getting Started Guide for AWS

Viewing the NetExtender Log

The NetExtender log displays information on NetExtender session events. The log is a file named NetExtender.dbg. It is stored in the directory: C:\Program Files\SonicWall\SSL VPN\NetExtender. To view the NetExtender log, right click the NetExtender icon in the system tray, and click View Log, click the Log icon on the main status page.

To view details of a log message, double-click a log entry, or go to View > Log Detail to open the Log Detail pane.

To save the log, either click the Export icon or go to Log > Export.

To filter the log to display entries from a specific duration of time, go to the Filter menu and select the cutoff threshold.

To filter the log by type of entry, go to Filter > Level and select one of the level categories. The available options are Fatal, Error, Warning, and Info in descending order of severity. The log displays all entries that match or exceed the severity level. For example, when selecting the Error level, the log displays all Error and Fatal entries, but not Warning or Info entries.

To view the Debug Log, either click the Debug Log icon or go to Log > Debug Log.

It could take several minutes for the Debug Log to load. During this time, the Log window is not accessible, although you can open a new Log window while the Debug Log is loading.

To clear the log, click Log > Clear Log.

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