SMA 10.2 Getting Started Guide for AWS

Installing NetExtender

The procedure for installing NetExtender is same for all supported browsers on Windows platform.

To install and launch NetExtender for the first time

  1. Log in to the Secure Mobile Access Virtual Office portal.
  2. Click NetExtender.

  3. If you have not installed the SMA Connect agent, you will see a prompt asking you to download the SMA Connect Agent. Download and install the SMA Connect Agent; allow SMA Connect agent to launch NetExtender from your browser. For detailed information, see Downloading and Installation and Setting Up the SMA Connect Agent.

    If the SMA Connect Agent is already installed, you could still see the prompt. Click Installed to ensure that you don’t see the prompt again or click Continue to skip the prompt.

  4. The NetExtender is downloaded automatically and the NetExtender installer launches. In the User Account Control prompt, click Yes to run the NetExtender installer.

    NetExtender is connected. You might see an error connecting to NetExtender, click Reconnect, and skip to step 17.

    If you do not see the prompt, the NexEtender client hasn’t downloaded automatically. Continue executing the next steps to download and install the NetExtender manually.

  5. To download the NetExtender client manually:
    1. Click <user icon> at the upper-right corner of the page.
    2. Click Downloads.
    3. Select your platform for manual download and click Save File.

      The file is saved in your Downloads folder.

  6. Navigate to your Downloads folder and double-click NXSetupU.exe to run the installer.
  7. The User Account Control dialog displays. Click Yes in answer to the question, “Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?”
  8. The SonicWall NetExtender Setup wizard is launched. The Welcome screen recommends that you close all other applications before starting the setup to avoid the need to restart your computer after the installation. When ready to proceed, click Next.
  9. On the License Agreement screen, read the agreement, select I accept the terms of the License Agreement and then click Next.
  10. In the Choose Install Location screen, optionally change the Destination Folder field by using Browse. Click Next.
  11. In the Shortcuts screen, the following shortcut options are selected by default:

    • Create a shortcut on StartMenu.
    • Create a shortcut on QuickLaunch bar.
    • Create a shortcut on Desktop

    Clear the check boxes for any of these shortcut options that you do not want.

  12. Click Install.
  13. If a Windows Security dialog box asks, “Would you like to install this device software?”, click Install.
  14. In the Completing the SonicWall NetExtender Setup Wizard screen, leave the Run SonicWall NetExtender check box selected to launch NetExtender immediately, or clear the check box to complete the installation without launching NetExtender.
  15. Click Finish.
  16. If NetExtender is launched, type the IP address or FQDN of the SMA appliance into the Server field. This is the same server that you point your browser to when accessing the portal page to download NetExtender.

  17. In the Username field, type in your user name.
  18. In the Password field, type in your password.
  19. In the Domain field, type in the domain. This is the same domain shown in the Domain field of the login page when you access the portal in your browser.
  20. Click Connect. NetExtender takes a few seconds to connect to the server and verify your credentials.

    The NetExtender status window displays, indicating that NetExtender successfully connected. The NetExtender icon is displayed in the task bar.

    The Status tab provides the following information:

    Status Tab Field Descriptions
    ServerIndicates the name of the server to which the NetExtender client is connected.
    Client IPIndicates the IP address assigned to the NetExtender client.
    SentIndicates the amount of traffic the NetExtender client has transmitted since initial connection.
    ReceivedIndicates the amount of traffic the NetExtender client has received since initial connection.
    ThroughputIndicates the current NetExtender throughput rate.

    Closing the window (clicking the x icon in the upper right corner of the window) does not close the NetExtender session, but minimizes it to the system tray for continued operation.

  21. To disconnect NetExtender, click Disconnect.

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