SMA 10.2 Getting Started Guide for AWS

Installing NetExtender on Linux

Secure Mobile Access supports NetExtender on Linux. To use NetExtender on your Linux system, your system must meet the following prerequisites:

  • i386-compatible distribution of Linux
  • Linux Fedora Core 15 or higher, Ubuntu 11.10 or higher, or OpenSUSE 10.3 or higher

To install NetExtender on your Linux system

  1. Log in to the SonicWall Virtual Office.
  2. Click NetExtender. A pop-up window indicates that you have chosen to open a .tgz file. Click OK to save it to your default download directory.

    You must be logged in as root to install NetExtender, although many Linux systems allows the sudo ./install command to be used if you are not logged in as root.

  3. To install NetExtender from the CLI, navigate to the directory where you saved the .tgz file and enter the tar -zxf NetExtender.tgz command.

  4. Enter the cd netExtenderClient/ command.
  5. Enter su -C “ ./install” to install NetExtender.

  6. Enter your system password.
  7. The installer asks if you want non-root users to be able to run NetExtender. Enter either y for yes or n for no.

    To allow non-root users to run NetExtender, the installer sets PPPD to run as root. This could be considered a security risk.

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