SMA 10.2 Getting Started Guide for AWS

Using HTML-based File Shares

File shares provide remote users with a secure Web interface to Microsoft File Shares using the CIFS (Common Internet File System) or SMB (Server Message Block) protocols. Using a Web interface similar in style to Microsoft’s familiar Network Neighborhood or My Network Places, File Shares allow users with appropriate permissions to browse network shares, rename, delete, retrieve, and upload files, and to create bookmarks for later recall.

The server can be specified either by name or by IP address, for example, \\moosedc or \\ For names to work, it is necessary that DNS and/or WINS be properly configured by the Administrator on the SMA appliance to be able to resolve host names.

To create a file share

  1. Click File Shares. The Virtual Office displays a dialog box that provides a hot link to a login prompt.

    Pop-up window blockers might prevent File Shares from functioning properly. Configure your browser to allow pop-up windows on the Secure Mobile Access portal site.

  2. To specify a new share path (as an example, \\moosedc) in the Address field. You need to precede the share name with two back slashes. For example: \\
  3. To connect to a preexisting file share, click the Login to Server link next to the file share name.
  4. Click the go prompt to display the Enter Network Password dialog box.
  5. Type a valid username in the Username field and a valid password in the Password field and click OK.

  6. The Virtual Office displays the home File Share screen that you have specified, displaying folders on the network to which you can navigate.

    In the following table, File Share Controls describe the controls at the top of the File Share window.

    File Share Controls

    Reloads the current folder to display any changes.


    Creates new folder at the specified location.


    Deletes the selected folder or folders. Note that only empty folders can be deleted. If there are files in the folder, an error message is displayed. Delete all files out of the folder and then delete the folder.


    Renames a selected folder or file. After you rename a file or folder, click <right mark> to save it or <wrong mark> to discard the changes.


    Uploads selected files or folders to the specified folder.


    Downloads selected files and folders.


    Creates a new bookmark to the current File Share location.


    Logs out of the File Share service.


    Lists the bookmarks.

  7. You can now navigate the folders and files in the File Share as you would through Windows Explorer or other file management systems.
  8. To add a new folder in the current File Share location, type the name of the folder in the Add New Folder Name field and click OK.
  9. To add files in the current File Share location, click Upload. In the Upload dialog box, click Choose Files to navigate to the location of the file on your computer, select the files and click Open.

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