SMA 10.2 Getting Started Guide for AWS

Using Remote Desktop Bookmarks

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) bookmarks enable you to establish remote connections with a specified desktop. Secure Mobile Access supports the RDP5 standard with HTML5. HTML5 is a Clientless browser-based method; Native client uses the SMA Connect Agent to invoke native RDP Client from the OS.

If the HTML5 client application is RDP 6, it also supports:

  • Dual monitors
  • Span monitors
  • Font smoothing
  • Desktop composition
  • Remote Application

RDP bookmarks can use a port designation if the service is not running on the default port.

To terminate your remote desktop session, be sure to log off from the Terminal Server session. If you wish to suspend the Terminal Server session (so that it can be resumed later) you might simply close the remote desktop window.

To access a system with an RDP bookmark

  1. Click the RDP bookmark. Continue through any warning screens that display by clicking Yes or Ok.
  2. Enter your username and password at the login screen and press Enter.

  3. The remote desktop loads in its own windows. You can now access all of the applications and files on the remote computer.

For information on configuring options for RDP bookmarks, see Web Bookmarks.

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