SMA 10.2 Getting Started Guide for AWS

RDP Bookmarks

RDP bookmarks offer several features that are not available in other bookmarks.

For information about configuring the remote computer to allow RDP access, see:

To create an RDP bookmark

  1. Enter the desired Bookmark Name.
  2. Enter the Name or IP Address of the resource you are trying to reach. You can also use an IPv6 address.
  3. In the Description field, type a brief description of the bookmark.
  4. In the Categories field, create a comma-separate list of categories showing where the bookmark should be displayed.
  5. Select Terminal Services (RDP) from the Service drop-down menu.
  6. Continue to configure the RDP Bookmark. RDP Bookmark Options provides information about the settings.
RDP Bookmark Options
Screen Size

Select the default screen size to be used when users execute this bookmark. It is advised that you select a size equal to or smaller than your current desktop screen size. RDP bookmarks also have a full-screen option that displays the RDP window in full screen mode. To toggle from the RDP window back to your desktop, press Alt-Tab.


Select the default color depth to be used when users execute this bookmark.

Access Type Selection
  • Smart: Allows the firmware to decide which mode to launch on the client.

    When creating a new unified bookmark, Smart is selected by default. Auto-detection is processed using bookmark-specific default modes while launching the bookmark.

  • Manual: Provides options to configure the modes, their priorities, and the choose method. At least one mode should be enabled in the selection box.
Enable wake-on-LAN

Select this option to send WoL packets to the host. This option also allows entering one or more Mac/Ethernet Addresses (separated by spaces) for the machines to wake and the desired Wait time for boot-up before canceling the WoL operation. To send the WoL packet to the hostname or IP of this bookmark, select the Send WOL packet to bookmark host Name or IP address check box, this option can be applied in tandem with a Mac address.

Application and Path

To have the RDP session launch an application when the bookmark is initiated, enter the path to the application in the Application and Path (optional): field. For example, C:\Program Files\Example\app.exe (optional).

Start in the following folder

Enter the local folder to execute application commands in (optional).

Command-line arguments

Type any command-line arguments required to access the remote application.

Client computer name

Type the client computer name.

Login as console/admin session

Select this option to enable console and admin commands on login.

Server is TS Farm

Select this option if users connect to a TS Farm or load balanced server. You might need to disable interactive login for this option to work properly.

Load Balance Info:

Enter the Terminal Services Broker information in the Load Balance Info box, such as tsv://MS Terminal Services Plugin.1.SSLVPN. Maximum length is 1024 characters. For the bookmark with complex options (like RDP), options are mixed from all the modes and distinguished with tips like *non-html5, or *for html5.

Default keyboard layout

For RDP - HTML5, select the Default Language from the drop-down menu.

Show advanced Windows options

Expand Show windows advanced options and select any of the redirect check boxes, as well as any of the additional listed features for use in this bookmark session.

You can select any of the following options as well: Font smoothing, Span monitors, Dual monitors, Desktop composition, and Remote Application.

This option is available in Windows client and Mac client running Mac os10.5 or above, with RDP installed.

Desktop background

Select this option to view or hide the desktop wallpaper on the remote machine.

Menu/window animation

Select this option to enable or disable menu/windows animation on the remote machine.

Show window contents while dragging/resizing

Select this option to enable or disable show windows contents while dragging or resizing.

Redirect clipboard

Select this option to save text to the clipboard for use on the desktop.

HTML5 only supports copy/paste text on desktop. This option is not available on mobile devices.

File Share (HTML5 only)

Select this option to enable file share between the local and the remote machines.

Redirect ports (non-HTML5)

Select this option to copy/paste text between the local and remote machine. When this option is not selected, the copy/paste option is only available on the remote machine.

Display connection bar (non-HTML5)

Select this option to show or hide the connection bar on the remote machine.

Redirect printers

Select this option to enable redirect Microsoft Print to PDF printer driver. Available drivers include MS Publisher Imagesetter and Microsoft Print to PDF.

The Microsoft Print to PDF driver option is only available on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016.


Select this option to enable auto-reconnection when a session is disconnected.

Visual styles

Select this option to get better view quality. This setting is recommended for large bandwidth networks.

This setting impacts performance.

Remote copy (HTML5 only)Select this option to enable copy text between the local and remote machines.
Redirect drives (non-HTML5)Select this option to redirect drives.
Redirect SmartCardsSelect this option to redirect SmartCards.
Bitmap caching (non-HTML5)Select this option to enable bitmap caching.
Automatically log in

Select this option and select Use SSL VPN account credentials to forward credentials from the current SSL VPN session. Select Use custom credentials to enter a custom username, password, and domain for this bookmark.

Display Bookmark to Mobile Connect clients

Select this option to display bookmarks to Mobile Connect clients running Mobile Connect 2.0 or higher. Some devices might require supported third-party applications for this feature to work properly.

Launch in Mobile

Select this option to launch this bookmark in a Mobile Connect Secure Web Browser instead of the configured third-party web browser. Enabling this option overrides the Mobile Connect client bookmark setting for web bookmarks.

Option only available on Mobile Connect running version 5.0 or newer.

Allow Edit URL in Secure Web Browser

Select this option to enable the user to edit the bookmark URL in a Secure Web Browser.

  1. When you are finished. Click Add to add this bookmark to your Virtual Office list.

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