Secure Mobile Access 10.2 Deployment Guide

SMA 210/410 Deployment Scenarios

Gateway ApplianceDeployment ScenarioRequirements on Gateway Appliance

SonicOS/X 7 or higher:

  • TZ Series
  • NSa Series
  • NSsp Series
  • NSv Series
SMA on new DMZ
  • An unused interface
  • NEW DMZ configured for NAT or Transparent Mode
SMA on existing DMZ
  • One dedicated interface in use as an existing DMZ
  • None

For a full list of the supported SonicWall firewall and firmware versions, see

The following illustrations provide an overview of each deployment scenario:

Overview of Scenario A: SMA on a New DMZ

Overview of Scenario B: SMA on an Existing DMZ

Overview of Scenario C: SMA on the LAN

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