Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Virtual Network Computing (VNC)

  • Optionally select Automatically log in and select Use SSL-VPN account credentials to forward credentials from the current Secure Mobile Access session for log in to the RDP server. Enable the Use Login Domain for SSO option to pass the user’s domain to the RDP server.

  • In the Encoding drop-down menu, select one of:
    • Raw – Pixel data is sent in left-to-right scanline order, and only rectangles with changes are sent after the original full screen has been transmitted.
    • RRE – Rise-and-Run-length-Encoding uses a sequence of identical pixels that are compressed to a single value and repeat count. This is an efficient encoding for large blocks of constant color.
    • CoRRE – A variation of RRE, using a maximum of 255x255 pixel rectangles, allowing for single-byte values to be used. More efficient than RRE except where very large regions are the same color.
    • Hextile – Rectangles are split up in to 16x16 tiles of raw or RRE data and sent in a predetermined order. Best used in high-speed network environments such as within the LAN.
    • Zlib – Simple encoding using the zlib library to compress raw pixel data, costing a lot of CPU time. Supported for compatibility with VNC servers that might not understand Tight encoding which is more efficient than Zlib in nearly all real-life situations.
    • Tight – The default and the best encoding to use with VNC over the Internet or other low-bandwidth network environments. Uses zlib library to compress pre-processed pixel data to maximize compression ratios and minimize CPU usage.
  • In the Compression Level drop-down menu, select the level of compression as Default or from 1 to 9 where 1 is the lowest compression and 9 is highly compressed.
  • The JPEG Image Quality option is not editable and is set at 6.
  • In the Cursor Shape Updates drop-down menu, select Enable, Ignore, or Disable. The default is Ignore.
  • Select Use CopyRect to gain efficiency when moving items on the screen.
  • Select Restricted Colors (256 Colors) for more efficiency with slightly less depth of color.
  • Select Reverse Mouse Buttons 2 and 3 to switch the right-click and left-click buttons.
  • Select View Only to disable keyboard and mouse events in the desktop window.
  • Select Share Desktop to allow multiple users to view and use the same VNC desktop.
  • Select Display Bookmark to Mobile Connect clients to enable bookmark viewing on Mobile Connect clients. Mobile Connect must be running version 2.0 or newer to view and access this bookmark.

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