Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Users > Local Groups

This section provides an overview of the Users > Local Groups page and a description of the configuration tasks available on this page.

The Users > Local Groups page allows the administrator to add and configure groups for granular control of user access by specifying a group name and domain.

Note that a group is automatically created when you create a domain. You can create domains in the Portals > Domains page. You can also create a group directly from the Users > Local Groups page.

Group memberships are split into two groups, ‘primary’ and ‘additional’.

Primary groups – Used to assign simple policies, such as timeouts and the ability to add/edit bookmarks. Advanced policies, such as URL or network object policies, might come from primary or additional groups.

Additional Groups – Multiple additional groups could be assigned, but in the case of conflicting policies, the primary group takes precedence over any additional groups.

Keep in mind that users can only belong to groups within a single domain.

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