Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Querying an LDAP Server

If you would like to query your LDAP or Active Directory server to find out the LDAP attributes of your users, there are several different methods. From a machine with ldap search tools (for example a Linux machine with OpenLDAP installed) run the following command:

  • ldapsearch -h -x -D
  • "cn=demo,cn=users,dc=sonicwall,dc=net" -w demo123 –b
  • "dc=sonicwall,dc=net" > /tmp/file


  • is the IP address of the LDAP or Active Directory server
  • cn=demo,cn=users,dc=sonicwall,dc=net is the distinguished name of an LDAP user
  • demo123 is the password for the user demo
  • dc=sonicwall,dc=net is the base domain that you are querying
  • > /tmp/file is optional and defines the file where the LDAP query results are saved.

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