Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Performing Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic tools allow the administrator to test SMA connectivity by performing a ping, TCP connection test, DNS lookup, or Traceroute for a specific IP address or Web site. You can also do a bandwidth test between the SMA appliance and your local computer or do an SNMP query to display information about the appliance.

You can do standard network diagnostic tests on the SMA appliance in the System > Diagnostics page.

To run a diagnostic test

  1. Navigate to the System > Diagnostics page.
  2. In the Diagnostic Tool drop-down menu, select Bandwidth Test, TCP Connection Test, DNS Lookup, Ping, Ping6, Traceroute, Traceroute6, SNMP Query, or Botnet Test.

    Diagnostic Tools and their Functions
    Diagnostic ToolFunction
    Bandwidth TestMeasures the upload and download speed of the network connection between your computer and the SMA appliance.
    TCP Connection TestTests the connectivity of a port that is specified by appending a colon and port number to the host name or IP address (for example, or If no port is specified, port 80 is tested.
    DNS LookupTranslates a DNS name to an IP address and vice versa.
    PingTests the connection to a host or IP address.
    Ping6Tests the connection to an IPv6 address or domain. Ping6 is meant for use with IPv6 addresses and networks.
    TracerouteIdentifies the route and number of hops needed to connect to a host or IP address.
    Traceroute6Identifies the route and number of hops needed to connect to an IPv6 address or domain. Traceroute 6 is meant for use with IPv6 addresses and networks.
    SNMP QueryLooks up SNMP information from the selected MIB. SNMP must be enabled (System > Administration page) before a query can be completed. In the SNMP MIB drop-down menu, select the MIB for which to display the values. The SNWL-SSLVPN-MIB is the Secure Mobile Access specific MIB that shows device statistics and licensing information. The SNWL-COMMON-MIB is a file common to all SonicWall Inc. products and shows product name, serial, firmware, ROM version, and asset number (user defined). The rest of the MIBs are standard SNMP MIBs including SNMPv2-MIB and All SNMP MIB-2, or you can select ALL MIBs.
    Botnet TestIdentifies whether an IP address is a Botnet IP address.
  3. If prompted for additional information like a Host or IP Address, type the requested information.
  4. Click Enter. The results display at the bottom of the page.

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