Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Server Certificates

The Server Certificates section allows the administrator to import and configure a server certificate, and to generate a CSR (certificate signing request).

A server certificate is used to verify the identity of the SMA appliance. The appliance presents its server certificate to the user’s browser when the user accesses the login page. Each server certificate contains the name of the server to which it belongs.

There is always one self-signed certificate (self-signed means that it is generated by the SMA appliance, not by a real CA), and there could be multiple certificates imported by the administrator. If the administrator has configured multiple portals, it is possible to associate a different certificate with each portal.

A CSR is a certificate signing request. When preparing to get a certificate from a CA, you first generate a CSR with the details of the certificate. Then the CSR is sent to the CA with any required fees, and the CA sends back a valid signed certificate.

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