Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Configuring Login Security

SMA appliance login security provides an auto lockout feature to protect against unauthorized login attempts on the user portal. Complete the following steps to enable the auto lockout feature:

  1. Navigate to System > Administration.
  2. Select Enable Administrator/User Lockout.
  3. In the Maximum Login Attempts Per Minute field, type the number of maximum login attempts allowed before a user is locked out. The default is five attempts. The maximum is 99 attempts.
  4. In the Lockout Period (minutes) field, type a number of minutes to lockout a user that has exceeded the number of maximum login attempts. The default is five minutes. The maximum is 9999 minutes.
  5. Enter a count number for the Maximum Session Count Per User. Enter zero for unlimited session counts.
  6. Click Accept to save your changes.

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