Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Monitoring on the Global Page

The Global page displays statistics and graphs for threats reported by all SMA appliances with Web Application Firewall enabled. Graphs are displayed for WAF Threats Detected & Prevented.

The control buttons are displayed at the top of the page. They control the statistics that are displayed on this page. On the Global page, you can use the control buttons to turn streaming updates on or off, refresh the data on the page, and download a report. If streaming is turned on, Web Application Firewall statistics information is fetched periodically, and displayed in the graphs and threat list. If streaming is turned off, no new information can be displayed.

To use the control buttons, complete the following steps

  1. Select the Global page. The active page name is displayed in red or pink, while the inactive page name is blue. The control buttons act on the page that is currently displayed.
  2. To turn streaming on or off, click the ON or OFF indicator next to Streaming Updates.
  3. To refresh the display, click Refresh.
  4. To generate a PDF report containing Web Application Firewall statistics, click Download Report.
  5. If prompted to install Adobe Flash Player, click Get Flash and then after the installation click Try Again to generate the PDF report from Internet Explorer.

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