Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

One Time Password Settings

The One Time Password Settings section allows administrators to configure settings relating to the creation and communication of one-time passwords.

One-time passwords are dynamically generated strings of characters, numbers, or a combination of both. For compatibility with mail services that allow a limited number of characters in the email subject (such as SMS), the administrator can customize the email subject to either include or exclude the one-time password. The email message body can also be configured in the same way. The administrator can also select the format (such as characters and numbers) for the password.

To configure the One Time Password email subject format, email body format, and change the default character types used when generating one-time passwords

  1. In the Email Subject field, type the desired text for the one-time password email subject. The default subject consists of OTP plus the actual one-time password (represented here with the parameter placeholder %OneTimePassword%).
  2. In the Email Body field, type the desired text for the one-time password email message body. The default message is simply the one-time password itself (represented here as %OneTimePassword%).

    Variables can be used in the subject or body of a one-time password email:

    • %OneTimePassword% – The user’s one-time password. This should appear at least once in either the email subject or body.
    • %AD:mobile% – The user’s mobile phone as configured in Active Directory (AD).
    • %AD:_ _% – Any other Active Directory (AD) user attribute. See the Microsoft documentation link following the Email Body field for additional attributes.
  3. In the One Time Password Format drop-down menu, select one of the following three options:

    • Characters – Only alphabetic characters are used when generating the one-time password.
    • Characters and Numbers – Alphabetic characters and numbers are used when generating the one-time password.
    • Numbers – Only numbers are used when generating the one-time password.
  4. Use the One Time Password Length fields to adjust the range of characters allowed for one-time passwords.
  5. Click Accept in the lower right corner of the Services > Settings page to save your changes.

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