Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Remediation Settings

Access to resources protected by an SMA appliance from aggressive IP addresses is denied when Geo IP & Botnet Filter is enabled. Remediation provides valid users an opportunity to prove that they are real users rather than “bots” and be allowed access.

To enable Remediation and configure the settings

  1. Click Enable Remediation Settings.

  2. Click Enable Remediation. Denied users cannot access resources protected by the appliance without CAPTCHA-based remediation. Remediation can be enforced separately for the IP addresses defined by your Geo IP Policy, Botnet Filter Policy, and/or in the backend Botnet Database. Select additional options as needed.
  3. In the Max allowed time for CAPTCHA entries (s) field, enter the number of seconds that the user must complete Remediation. The minimum/maximum range is 30-300 seconds, the default is 60 seconds.
  4. In the Allowed/Blocked duration after CAPTCHA validation (m) field, enter the number of minutes that the user is allowed/blocked after completing the CAPTCHA validation. The minimum value is five minutes and the maximum is 30, the default is 15 minutes.

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