Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Configuring Post-Connection Scripts

To run post-connection scripts for a Windows or Linux system

  1. Navigate to the Clients > Settings page.
  2. Under Post-Connection Scripts, find the operating system you want to run post-connection scripts to. Then, select Run a post-connection script for that operating system.
  3. Select Run Local File if you have the post-connection script(s) available on your local client machine. Select the Run Files for the radio button if you have post-connection script(s) uploaded to the server.
  4. For local files, set the script path on the Run this file field.
  5. For local files, set the Command line arguments.
  6. For local files, set the directory in the Working directory field.
  7. For remote files, you can select the Available Files to move into the In Use Files boxes, and vice versa. The script files in the In Use Files box runs after the client is connected.
  8. Click Accept to save settings.

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