Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Terminal Services (RDP-HTML5 and Native)

  1. In the Screen Size drop-down menu, select the default terminal services screen size to be used when users execute this bookmark.

    Because different computers support different screen sizes, when you use a remote desktop application, you should select the size of the screen on the computer from which you are running a remote desktop session. Additionally, you might want to provide a path to where your application resides on your remote computer by typing the path in the Application Path field.

  2. In the Colors drop-down menu, select the default color depth for the terminal service screen when users execute this bookmark.
  3. Optionally, enter the local path for this application in the Application and Path field.
  4. In the Start in the following folder field, optionally enter the local folder in which to execute application commands.
  5. Select Login as console/admin session to allow login as console or admin. Login as admin replaces login as console in RDC 6.1 and newer.
  6. Select Enable wake-on-LAN to enable waking up a computer over the network connection. Selecting this check box causes the following new fields to be displayed:

    • MAC/Ethernet Address – Enter one or more MAC addresses, separated by spaces, of target hosts to wake.
    • Wait time for boot-up (seconds) – Enter the number of seconds to wait for the target host to fully boot up before cancelling the WOL operation.
    • Send WOL packet to host name or IP address – To send the WOL packet to the hostname or IP of this bookmark, select Send WOL packet to host name or IP address that can be applied in tandem with a MAC address of another machine to wake.
  7. Check Server is TS Farm if the bookmark is used to launch a terminal service farm. A terminal service bookmark requires the client to have a compatible client installed to connect to the terminal server.

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