Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Citrix Portal (Citrix)

To enable the Citrix Portal

  1. Select to have a Smart or Manual Access Type selection for this bookmark. A new Citrix bookmark is Smart by default. The launch sequence is as follows: HTML5, Native, and ActiveX. Selecting Manual allows you to change, enable, or disable the Access Type launch methods.
  2. Select Disable client detection by Citrix server to disable the client detection done by the Citrix server when using the bookmark. The SMA appliance always completes a Citrix client detection when using Citrix. Enabling client detection on the Citrix server makes this client detection redundant.
  3. If the Citrix Web server is configured with SSL, to enable SSL encryption for communication between the SMA appliance and the Citrix server, select HTTPS Mode.
  4. To explicitly set the Citrix ICA server address for the Citrix ICA session, select Always use specified Citrix ICA Server and then type the server IP address into the ICA Server Address field.
  5. Some Citrix deployments have the Citrix Web Interface on one IP address and the ICA server listening on a different address. If the Citrix Web Interface and Citrix ICA server do not share the same IP address, use this setting to explicitly set the ICA server address.
  6. Optionally select Automatically log in and select Use SSL-VPN account credentials to forward credentials from the current Secure Mobile Access session for log in to the Web server. Select Use custom credentials to enter a custom username, password, and domain for this bookmark.
  7. Select Display Bookmark to Mobile Connect clients to display this Citrix bookmark in Mobile Connect clients. Support varies between devices and could require supported third-party applications to be installed.
  8. Select Force MC Secure Web Browser to force Mobile Connect user to utilize the in-app Secure Web Browser instead of the configured third-party app. Mobile Connect must be running version 5.0 or newer for this option to be in effect. This setting overrides the user setting for HTTP and HTTPS bookmarks, and is only available for RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet, HTTP, HTTPS, and External Website services.

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